Scroll-Feather-iconYou may say that medieval combat is a full-contact sport based in the ancient tournaments of the Middle Ages, where the fighters use complete functional and historically correct reproductions of the weapons and armours of that era, and they face each other in the combat list.

Crónicas Bohurteras emerged with the intention of making people to know it, but, if we just wanted to inform about it like any other news site, the result would probably be dull and devoid of emotion. We cannot allow this to happen. Any person that had the opportunity of putting on a helmet or holding a sword would know why.

Because behind every fighter there is a story that deserves to be tell.

Peters-Sword-iconThis sport is not only about wearing decens of kilograms of steel and going out to beat up some people. When you put on an armor, taking centuries back in time, you are transformed into another person. Most people can only dream with this experience while watching a movie or reading a book, but for us is a reality.

Is in the list where you reminisce thousands of sensations lost in time: the weight of the armor on your shoulders, the intensity of every blow delivered with your sword, the adrenalin of the first battle, the echo of your own heartbeats when you move forward to your enemies, the glory obtained in every victory, the bitter taste when you fail.

Medieval combat is a way of life and there is no better way to describe it than living it. This is our story. Yours, mine. If we dare to write it… Would you dare to live it?