Her full name is María Eugenia Moyano Barale, but almost everyone knows her as Maru. She’s from Agua de Oro, a village in the middle of Córdoba, Argentina. She has a quiet life as a vendor, but far from settling for the routine, she chose to seek for new challenges. In that quest, she met medieval combat thanks to Pecarí. The discipline captivated her immediately, winning an irreplaceable place in her days and her heart.

She started her training in this sport only seven months ago, but her awards’ record already includes a second place on Triathlon, obtained in March’s edition of Copa Grifo, and the first prize on the Women’s Profight Tournament, which took place last month in Villa Adelina. Maru is one of the new female powers of the sport and it looks like she came here to stay. Her low profile when it comes to celebrate every victory, was highlighted by the words we exchanged with her.

Photography: Pablo Kalhat.

– How did you find this sport? What made you start training?

– I always liked extreme sports, to feel the adrenalin. I met Albert, Pecarí’s team captain, and he asked me if I wanted to try medieval combat. Obviously, I said yes. I started practicing and I really liked it. Until now, I never stopped training.

– The final fight against Sofía at Copa Grifo was really tight. Did you imagine what you were going to do only a few months later?

– I was truly expecting for another tournament, to see if the effort in my trainings gave results. Now I see it does, in addition to the support of my teammates, who really trusted me. But as I said, I didn’t expect to win.

– How did you live that first tournament compared to this one? Have you noticed any improvement? Were you able to enjoy it more?

– To be honest, in the first one I felt more relaxed, it was my first tournament so I didn’t take it too competitively, I was new in the sport and didn’t have any experience inside the list. In this one I was nervous, I wanted to fight and to win no matter what!

Photography: Nahuel Torres.

– And you won the cup! Do you have a new goal in mind?

– I want to keep training, because I have a lot of things to improve. And, of course, I want to be present in every tournament I can.

– You are always with a little girl. Is she your daughter? Is it difficult to raise her while paying attention to a sport career?

– Yes! She is my baby! She’s four and she goes with me wherever I go. She’s also a Pecarí. Sometimes she trains with us –laughs–. Everybody takes care of her. And until now she has been adapting very well.

– Is she going to follow her mother’s steps and become a fighter?

– I don’t know, but she surely is going to be a warrior.

– With a warrior as her mother I have no doubt it’s going to be like that. Going back to you. You have already fought in triathlon and profight… Do you want to fight in buhurt as well?

– Yes, I do! But I still have a lot to train in that discipline.

– Are there other girls in your team? Do you think that Pecarí will be able to present a female buhurt team for next tournament?

– Here in Córdoba I’m the only one… I wish I could have teammates! In Pecarí Buenos Aires there are some girls preparing. I hope we can complete a female buhurt team.

– Last but not least. If from your experience you had to give an advice to a girl who is just starting in this sport, what would it be?

– First of all, to feel it like a passion; to train and never give up the fight. You always have something to learn, something to improve. Besides from being part of all of the amazing things this sport has: the tournaments, the events, the awesome people you know… I want to thank Pecarí, my team, for believing in me and supporting me. Especially to Albert and Martín, who helped me to train this hard. Thank you!

Photography: Nahuel Torres.

We want to thank Maru for lending us a little of her time and we congratulate her for all the successes achieved. We hope she can be an example of perseverance and effort for all those fighters who are taking their first steps in medieval combat. Female categories have still so much to grow and thanks to fighters like Maru and so many others who proved their skills in this last tournament, we have no doubt that it’s going to be immeasurable one day.

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