Last weekend, Moscow’s ground cracked under the weight of a hundred armors that faced each other in the list at the Dynamo Cup. Fighters from different continents travelled thousand of miles to assist, pursuing the victory of the most competitive and violent tournament of the whole world. An event of this magnitude involve a tough previous work: “I can say that it was three months of work, a lot of pain and nerves”, said Andrey Kiselyus, organizer and member of Bern club.

Fotografía: Maks Voshanov.

On Saturday, men’s 5vs5 category took place, in which Argentina had Valherjes club representing the country. This team, that plays home in the southern part of Greater Buenos Aires, was invited to measure their capacities against the best teams of the world at the Dynamo, after they won the first place at the HMB Cup in September.

Marcos Villani, captain of Valherjes, shared with us his opinion of this event: “For me it’s a great pride to be able to fight in this important and competitive tournament with my team. Even when we had a lot of complications before and during the tournament, it only motivated us to prepare for the next year and return with a better level. We leave this tournament with a big smile and a lot of energy”.

The Argentinian team suffered a lot of problems, among them, the airline missing the suitcases of a few members with their armors inside. But that didn’t stop them to live the experience in the best way possible.

Valherjes junto a sus compañeros de equipo para el 15vs15. Fotografía: Valherjes.

For Emanuel Romero, member of Valherjes, Dynamo Cup was his first experience out of the country and, as he told us, a completely new challenge: “After this tournament, you change your whole vision of the sport. It’s something much stronger than what’s allowed in Argentina. Any fighter willing to fight in an international level has to participate at least in one Dynamo Cup. What you may learn in years, here you learn it the hard way in two hours. The most remarkable thing was the experience of fighting against the best; they are very professional and experimented fighters”.

The first day consisted on more than twelve hours of combats, in which round after round we were able to see teams falling apart, forgotten on the wayside for the so long desired victory. In the same way, the fights increased their aggressiveness as the finals came closer. For the first time in a while, the podium was surrounded by mystery, as the Partizan 1 announced a few days before the tournament that they wouldn’t participate in this edition. This fact, left the fighters from other teams with the bitter taste of not being able to face the best but with the hope of being able to take their place and raise the cup.

Fotografía: Maks Voshanov.

“This time on Dynamo we saw very persistent fighters, the world level of fighters has grown very much. Weak teams do not come to this tournament. For us, the first place is the first place, first of all, for Bern. Absence of the five Partizan 1 fighters, imposed on Bear Paw and Old Friends a great responsibility, so first place for us is like throwing off a heavy load from our shoulders. Bern is a single organism, like a bear. So, now this bear is happy, because it eats victorious honey”, stated Vitaly Gryzlov, fighter from Bear Paw.

Finally, Russian supremacy shined once again, showing the other teams they still have a long way to go. The podium of men’s 5vs5 category was as it follows:

1° Medvezhya Pyad (“Bear Paw”) – Russia
2° Starye Druzya (“Old Friends”) – Russia
3° Bayard 1 – Russia

Bear Paw, equipo ganador de la categoría 5vs5. Fotografía: Maks Voshanov.

In men’s 15vs15 category, that took place on Sunday, Bern club achieved all the big prizes of the category with its three alliances: “Bern Moscow”, “Black She-Bear”, “Old Friends”. Regarding these great victories, Gryzlov asserted that: “Our team was very worried at the fights of 15vs15, as we didn’t divide into the strongest, medium and weak teams. It was decided to equalize the strength of all three teams of Bern, to give the chance to other clubs to win. But we were well prepared, and won the heavy fights of this nomination”.

This Dynamo, draw a distinction with the previous editions. For the first time in the history, with the precedent of the last two Battle of the Nations, the tournament also had the women’s 3vs3 category. For many years, the female fighters had to make do with being just spectators of the Dynamo Cup. But after many years of struggle, they conquered the last stronghold of this sport and acquired their own place in the competition.

After the participation of many teams, these three stepped up into the podium:

1° Smolny – Russia
2° Canada
3° Prague Vixens – Czech Republic

Equipos femeninos que alcanzaron el podio. Fotografía: Maks Voshanov.

Talking with Svetlana Fedorova, captain of Smolny, she said about this experience: “For me, the introduction of a team category for women in the Dynamo Cup means a big breakthrough. And this, in turn, means that our sport is developing. I’m extremely glad that our Smolny team took the first place and confirmed its status as one of the strongest teams in the ISF among women. A more successful end of the year is extremely difficult to imagine.”

Another Dynamo Cup go down in history, leaving behind great lessons for the new participants, as brand-new experiences for the teams that are always there and year after year we look forward to see them in action. Undoubtedly, this is a tournament that marks a turning point in the sport career of any fighter. But there are no better words than Emanuel Romero’s to describe it: “I was in hell and heaven at the same time. And if I could choose, I would stay in Dynamo Cup forever”.

Fotografía: Maks Voshanov.

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