The elections to choose HMBIA’s next president concluded on last December 23. Both candidates, Edouard Eme and Antonio de Zio, are great leaders of the HMB movement, so the voting was really close and ended with a victory of Eme with 60% of the votes.

Edouard Eme, the new president of HMBIA.

Antonio de Zio, who’s Italy’s National Team captain since 2011, wished luck to the winner and decided to focus on developing the sport in his country, without leaving aside the help given to the organization. About this, he told us:

“I wish Edouard that he can work well, developing our sport in the world as he did in France. We are collaborating with HMBIA to publicize Battle of the Nations with various events. About our sports participation, we are still in the selection process. This year, we will have the public on our side, and I hope we will have the best results ever.”

Antonio de Zio with the National Team of Italy.

The new president, Edouard Eme, is also the captain of the National Team in France and the president of the Fédération Française de Béhourd (French Federation of Buhurt). For now, according to an interview of HMBIA News, he will not leave any of his positions, as he will try to keep with all the responsibilities involved in each one of them. The time will determine if he’s able to successfully do so.

We had the opportunity of asking the new president some questions, which we share below.

Why did you want to be HMBIA’s president and how did it felt when you achieved it?

I wanted to reach this position because, after Anton, I truly believe I’m the most qualified for it. When I learnt I won the election, I felt happy, but also the pressure started to appear; I take this responsibility seriously and I am aware it will be a lot of work and challenges.

What are your main goals regarding the sport’s future?

As stated in my program, my main goals would be to advance on the IOC criterias to develop our sport, and to share my experience as president of the French Buhurt Federation with other national leaders, to help the growth of our movement in every corner of the globe.

Regarding the next Battle of the Nations, he concluded that, as its organization started before he was elected, he doesn’t believe there is going to be a strong need for him to participate on it.

Without any doubt, Anton Trubnikov’s decision of promoting the democratic election of the next HMBIA’s president has been a great step forward, encouraging new ideas that in the future will help to improve the sport’s organization worldwide. We wish the new president success, and that he finds new ways of expanding the boundaries of the sport.

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