Last July 22nd and 23rd, in Córdoba city, Argentina, took place the official HMB tournament “El Dragón Dorado”, organized by Draconem Clan. The venue of this tournament, inside the sport centre “Centro Deportivo Manuel Belgrano”, was the perfect place for the crowd to enjoy both group battles and duels.

Ezequiel Farjat (Draconem Clan) fighting against Diego Villagrán (CECM) in Profight category. Photography: Santiago Teobaldi.

We talked with Ezequiel Cavallin, Draconem Clan’s captain, who made some comments about this tournament, especially its importance in the development of the relations with the public entities of the province: “This event was a huge step towards the legitimation of medieval combat as an official sport in our province, since it was carried out with the endorsement and colaboration of the Agency ‘Córdoba Deportes’”.

Teams from Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, San Juan, and Tucumán, travelled to measure their swords in the list. The first day was filled with group battles, concluding at sunset with a 10vs10 in which Córdoba’s fighters faced the combatants from Buenos Aires. At the crack of dawn on the second day, the public was delighted to see the men’s Longsword, and Sword and Shield duels, followed by the same female categories at noon. In the evening the profight encounters were conducted, to finalize the event with the awards ceremony.

Buhurt fight between Compagnia del Lobo Negro and Pecarí Wildschweine Krieger. Photography: Maite Rosales.

In men’s buhurt 5vs5, the teams that reached the podium were CECM (1st place), Pecari Wildschweine Krieger (2nd place) and Compagnia del Lobo Negro (3rd place). The club Draconem Clan also participated in this category.

In men’s duels, CECM took first and second place in Sword and Shield (Agustín Binaghi and Facundo Lopez), and the first and third place in Longsword (Naaman Videla and Marcos Zúñiga, respectively). On the other hand, Draconem Clan acquired the third place in Sword and Shield (Luca Maulicino) and the second place in Longsword (Ezequiel Cavallin). Sword and Shield duels also included the participation of Compagnia del Lobo Negro and Guardia del Bastión, while fighters from Orden del Fuego, Quirquincho and Compagnia del Oso Blanco also competed in Longsword duels.

Marcos Zúñiga (CECM) facing Mariano Sibio (Orden del Fuego) in Longsword category. Photography: Maite Rosales.

The female duels were dominated by Maru Barale, from Pecari Wildschweine Krieger, who won the first place in both categories. Lourdes Vazquez, from Compagnia del Lobo Negro, took second place in Sword and Shield, and Carolina Rodríguez, from Guardia del Bastión, got the third place in Sword and Shield, and the second place in Longsword.

Maru Barale’s victory announcement over Lourdes Vazquez in Sword and Shield category. Photography: Maite Rosales.

Last but not least, fighters from Draconem Clan, CECM and Compagnia del Lobo Negro participated in men’s Profight category. Draconem Clan won both first and third place, thanks to Ezequiel Cavallin and Ezequiel Farjat, respectively. Nicolás Di Gaetano, from CECM, achieved the second place.

It would be impossible not to mention the importance of the marshals seminar that took place during this tournament, which was organized by HMB Argentina with the objective of instructing those willing to be marshals, on the rules and regulations of HMB and WMFC. During the two days of the event, there were theoretical classes, as well as training during the combats.

HMB marshals seminar participants. Photography: HMB Argentina.

Ezequiel told us that “HMB Argentina supported this event, relentlessly collaborating with the organization and holding the first marshals seminar outside Buenos Aires, with the intention to start training marshals from other provinces in order to decentralize the responsibility”. He also remarked the importance of this being an exclusively sports event, separated from any fantastic environment, so commonly present in every medieval fair. This improved the image of the sport presented to the sport entities that attended the tournament.

Every effort is worth the recognition, as it’s crucial to expand this sport frontiers through the country, and there is no doubt that this event was an example of a well driven effort.

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