On the first day of Battle of the Nations, the participants’ anxiety and expectations could be easily noticed. We managed to contact some of them, who shared their experiences.

Sami Lappeteläinen posing beside the banner of his team.

Sami Lappeteläinen, from Finland National Team, sent us warm greetings and told us how they started this day:

“This morning started with weapons check; huge amount of weapons got rejected due to tightened rules. We spent time fixing those and ensuring the armours work well. Then we went for opening ceremony and now eagerly waiting for women’s matches… Finnish women fighting!”

Finnish fighters. Photography: Sami Lappeteläinen.

We also interviewed Ema Džakić, fighter from Croatia, who joined the Argentine female buhurt team for the 3vs3 combats. Ema has been doing reenactment for nine years and her first experience in this sport was last year at a tournament in Gunwald, Poland, where she achieved the second place in female category. When we asked about her expectations on participating in this Battle of the Nations together with girls from Argentina and Brazil, she said: “My only expectations are to get more experience in group fights, meet some new friends and mainly have fun. I am so grateful to team Argentina to let me fight with them. The girls are great and I think we will have some really good fights”.

Ema Džakić, Croatian fighter. Photography: Marko Abramović.

Furthermore, about how it is to practice medieval combat in her land, she told us that “Croatia is very small, so there are not so many fighters, only about twenty. And we don’t really receive any support from regulatory bodies because this is not a national sport. Every fighter is doing everything for himself, so sometimes it’s hard to collect enough money to acquire the armour and everything else. But we are very optimistic. This is our second time on Battle of the Nations and we are very happy to participate”.

Finally, Amy Graham, member of USA National Team, gifted us with a little of her time to relate the challenging day of combats of the female team:

Amy and her companions waiting to enter the list. Photography: Coop Lee.

“It was a great day. Strong fights. We knew we had the toughest pool and we were prepared. Canada was a very long fight. Argentina had an injured fighter before us, and one during our fight as well, which was unfortunate. We tried to go down to two in the last fight, but they wanted us to stay at 3. Our only loss was to Ukraine and now we are looking forward to the playoffs and hopefully finals.”

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