At the third and last day of Battle of the Nations, the names of the countries that achieved the glory were known, as well as the names of those which would have a year full of hard work to get to the podium on the next edition.

Between all the main characters of this day, we had the opportunity of speaking with Felipe Rodríguez, a fighter of Mexico’s National Team, who gave us his opinion about this world cup and how his team’s performance is lining with their goals to accomplish over the next years.

“Besides all the delays and the so long distance between the lists and the campment, I think this was a good event. This was the third Battle of the Nations I participated in, and the competitiveness is harder every year. This year I had the opportunity of leading Mexico 2. The team was comprised of experienced fighters and novices, trying to have a certain diversity of roles, and although in my opinion they did a good job, there is still a lot to improve.”

Part of Mexico’s National Team just about to fight. Photography: Pakks Davila.

“The first time you get into the arena, you feel confident about yourself and your companions. Many people think you may feel intimidated but, far from that, it enhances your spirit, you are the center of attention, and you will prove what you are made of. By the way, we had the chance to welcome the Turkish team, as this was their first Battle of the Nations. We won that combat, and then we fought against Poland and United Kingdom. The score we achieved took us to the playoffs, and finally we lost against France.

Pay attention to Team Mexico, we will achieve great things.”

One of this year’s big surprises was the Italian National Team, which received the “Best Fighting Progress” recognition thanks to its improvement in comparison with previous years. Between the names that reached the podium this Battle of the Nations, Silvia Di Pasquale received special attention. She is thirty one years old, fights for Taurus MFC in Turin, and fought for her country in Sword and Buckler category. On an exclusive interview with Crónicas Bohurteras, she told us this was her first Battle of the Nations, and a completely new experience:

“I’ve been working hardly all the year to be ready to fight to the best of my abilities. I didn’t have any expectation about having good results in this Battle. I was focused only in fighting as best as possible, and give everything inside the list. It was really amazing and unexpected to gain the bronze, but it was an explosive emotion for me and all my team, because it was the first medal won for Italian Team at Battle of the Nations. It was such an honour to give the first medal to my team and country, and a highly emotional moment.”

Silvia Di Pasquale celebrating her victory. Photography: Battle of the Nations.

“Now I’m even more happy, because the last day Martina Ravarini, also from my team, gained the bronze in 1vs1 Sword and Shield category. She did even more in triathlon, placing at fourth place! I’m proud to be in the Italian Team and grateful to all my brothers of team Taurus MFC!”

Many countries had a great improvement and demonstrated some impressive skills, but the most thrilling moment of this Battle of the Nations was undoubtedly the victory of the Ukrainian team on Mass Battles 21vs21 category, not only winning a spot on the podium, but earning the right to wear the gold medal on their chest. Igor Parfentev, member of Ukraine’s National Team and the fighter behind the first person videos of Buhurt Technologies, talked about the amount of work it took to achieve this victory.

Ukrainian team after the awards ceremony. Photography: Photoprofesionalm.

“We worked really hard to win. A lot of effort was put on equipment, teamwork, and personal skills. We have increased the number of polearms in our teams and kept growing in polearm fighters. Now we have trainings in a minimum of 3-5 times a week and keep the fitness preparation really high, focused specially on wrestling and making damage with weapons. But basically Ukraine needed a small victory against Russia, and that’s why it was so important for everyone. We received an amazing support from people watching and shouting “UUU-KRA-III-NA”. It gave us so much energy and spirit and took some from Russian Team. We are all very happy about our victory. It was a long journey and it’s still just the beginning. Russian guys will keep growing and increasing their skills and teamwork, and they will try to take everything back. We need to win duels and 5vs5 as well, but for now we are not strong enough, so we will keep working and training more, improving our equipment and bringing more fighters to this amazing sport!”

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