It is a fact that, besides every ups and downs, the sport in Argentina improved a lot during the last year. Many clubs were founded, others got into the list for the first time after months of training, and those with experience kept progressing. All that is a clear sign of how, day after day, Argentina reaffirms its place as a cornerstone of the sport in Latin America.

Photo: Virginia Lomonaco.

The province of Santa Fe is an example of this, as medieval combat is strongly laying its foundations there. A multidisciplinary friendly meeting was held last weekend at Parque Nacional a la Bandera, in Rosario, where many martial arts’ enthusiasts participated. Between them, there were fighters from the three medieval combat clubs of Santa Fe: Yunque & Martillo, Beherzt, and Compagnia del Oso Blanco, who performed some exhibitions to show our sport to the public.

Photo: Virginia Lomonaco.

This clubs will be participating as one team at HMB Argentina Cup this weekend. Gabriel Paolucci, Yunque & Martillo’s captain, told us about the situation of the sport in Santa Fe:

“We don’t have a lot of experience in the province on group combats, as there are no teams big enough, and the only chance of competing in buhurt is either fighting together, or as mercenaries. At this weekend’s tournament we plan to present the first team fully formed by fighters from Santa Fe on group fights. On the other hand, we have been training hardly and steadily on our equipment for individual combats, and for the moment we prioritize tournaments focused on duels.”

Photo: Virginia Lomonaco.

Compagnia del Oso Blanco is a club that started back on 2014, but didn’t get into the list since El Dragón Dorado tournament in Córdoba this year. Gustavo Moriena, one of it’s members, added that the only fighter from his club who is ready to fight “will compete at the next HMB tournament on duels and group fights, along with other fighters from the province”. He expressed that they are really happy with their improvement, since they already have one armor complete and two more in progress, besides a solid group with amazing people.

Moriena showed his enthusiasm about the development of the sport in Santa Fe, mostly because of the good relationship with the other clubs of the area. “Attention should be drawn in the great friendship and camaraderie between the clubs of our city and our province, supporting one another and learning together; we are growing at a good pace”.

Photo: Virginia Lomonaco.

Beherzt is the newest club on the province and the first of San Justo city. Nico Nap, one of its members, shared with us his vision about the evolution of the sport: “We think that the sport is growing positively. As we have seen, there is a lot of work from the teams, the marshals, and the fighters. The equipment, the armors and the weapons have been improved a lot thanks to the strictness of the rules and the Authenticity Committee”.

He also told us Beherzt was present at the IMCF Open in Embalse, but they couldn’t take part of the fights because of their lack of equipment. However, that’s going to change in just a few hours: “This weekend one of our fighters will participate in an alliance with other fighters from Santa Fe, so we have all our expectations put on having a great experience and learning as much as possible from the others”.


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