Ariel Bohn
TEAM: Compagnia del Lobo Negro
COUNTRY: Argentina

Not so long ago it had been two years since my debut in the ‘3er Torneo Porteño. Then, I fought next to Mauro Mankevick and Juano Monti. Martín Angiolillo was the reserve fighter but he decided not to go into the list, because we had a good performance and great results. I remember I didn’t have an armor but Nico Garcia, ‘el Griego’, lent me everything I needed to fight. Those people always supported my training and growth in this sport. That tournament we won the first place, undefeated.

Today, I think that starting with the right foot was essential. My team always walked with me every step and trusted me in every decision I made. The remain was hard training, personal growth and improving my own equipment. My wife has great merits on this, because she never stopped supporting me.

In two years I was lucky enough not only to fight with the best and against the best, but for being close with excellent people. Beside my participation on Battle of the Nations 2015 and the First Class Cup in Argentina, I had the privilege to fight in the Dynamo Cup 2014 and 2015.

In 2014 I was as a mercenary for CECM. When Juan Manuel invited me, it seemed all so distant and highly unlikely (I’ll always be thankful for his confidence on me). Even after getting on the plane, we couldn’t believe it. I remember I felt totally out of place, because I only had half an year of experience and I was already fighting on major leagues. Even after the tournament, when we had a friendship night and a dinner with the leaders of HMBIA, everything seemed so unreal.

But the blows we received on the tournament were absolutely real. The short list that barely reached the hips, the ultralight armors of the opponents, and the brutality in the fights, were real as well. The level at the Dynamo Cup is the most demanding of all. The competitiveness of the teams is even higher than the national teams one. Being thrown off the list is one of the worst feelings… It’s a cruelty almost unsporting. We finally received ‘The Best Breakthrough’ award: we got to the round of sixteen and we lost against Partizan 1, the winners of the cup. We got the ninth place, something incredible for us.

In 2015, I went to Dynamo Cup with my team and it was a completely different kind of emotion. We knew that we had a very difficult competition and reaching the round of sixteen was going to be really hard, but seeing the colours of the ‘Compagnia del Lobo Negro’ in a world championship was the thing that made us more proud than anything. We had our victories and defeats, we didn’t qualified, but the experience was always constructive.

Today, along with Boris del Carpio we prepare half the team trainings and we welcome all the new people. I want to believe that I’m not only training fighters, I’m also preparing teammates to the tournaments to come.


Photography: Roman Solar.

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