Ariel "Gaucho" Manzano
TEAM: Compagnia del Lobo Negro
COUNTRY: Argentina

How did you get to know this sport? What made you decide to start practicing?

I discovered it in a Game of Thrones fair. My son told me: “Come on dad, you have to do that”.

Was there any special motivation?

The constant challenge of training and participating in tournaments, always trying to be the best, even if that is too far away. I know everybody says you have to train more and more, but sometimes there is no time to do it.

Does your son train with you too?

Yes, always by my side. He has future, he likes this very much.

How much time is left for him to start fighting? Do you believe you will have the chance to fight together?

There are seven years left… I wish we get that chance, it is a dream we both share.

How do you imagine that fight?

We would be two tanks, going by the sides of the list, attempting to meet at the middle. It is something we are used to see. We would try to take the most out of that experience, always trying to win, and ending up all hurt…To add a little excitement.

Argentina’s National Team couldn’t complete its second team the last year, so they asked for more fighters. What made you answer that call? How did you feel after being chosen and travelling to the world cup?

‘El Griego’ told me: “Gaucho, there is a chance you get into the National Team, are you willing to do so?”. And I accepted, I didn’t have much to think about. Even when I didn’t have much experience, I just had fought a great tournament. After qualifying, I couldn’t hold my soul. Being part of the team and fighting with them completely changed the way I understand the sport. I came back with another mindset.

What did you learn since then?

To see the list, not only the fighter in front me. Different training methods, new ways to hit with the falchion I didn’t use before, a better pose.

What were your objectives after Battle of the Nations?

The Dynamo Cup, no doubt. I will try to get the ‘Lobos’ to participate there again.

Could you participate in Dynamo Cup 2015?

No, I was too new, I was only two months old in the club.

What does your club mean for you?

Everything. There is always someone willing to help, and when you need something, they are all with you.

What is the best thing you found in this sport?

The camaraderie between opponents.

Is there anything you want to say to close the interview?



Photography: Nicolás Testa Camillo.

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