Ezequiel Cavallin
TEAM: Draconem Clan
COUNTRY: Argentina

How did you get to know this sport? What made you start with it?⠀

I started practicing at another club in Córdoba, named Córdoba Medieval. I had some differences of opinion with them, so I decided to leave, and some other people left with me, because we found that the concept we liked had nothing to do with reenactment. In fact, I have been practicing martial arts for fifteen years. At the moment I am participating in full contact and kickboxing tournaments. We decided to apply that point of view, not so oriented to the medieval world, but using that as an excuse to use weapons and fight as a team. We use reenactment only to compete. Our idea is to have a martial arts club, with a technical base and focused on growing. We are maybe a little too rigorous with our students. From the beginning we explain to them that 99% of our activity consists in training, going to the gym, practicing, learning the technique, improving, and doing it as frequently as we can. And we do all that from the martial arts point of view. That’s our club’s ideology.⠀
How long have you been practicing? Why did you kept your club as a secret all this time? There were many surprised people when we found out that there were a third club in Córdoba with a full team to fight.⠀

It has been two years since we started training and crafting our armors. We are thirteen people training, but only six of us have full armor. We wanted to get into this being in good condition. We don’t like the idea of getting into a tournament with only two fighters or maybe just one. Today we are participating together with two competitors from Newbery, whose team is also giving us a very big hand with their squires. We want to make friends. It is sometimes a little bit complicated the relationship between Córdoba and Buenos Aires, and we don’t like that. Our idea is to assist the growth of this sport and that’s why we are fighting together with them. They have been incredibly helpful.⠀

It was never a secret. It was actually working and being quiet until we had something decent to show. We wanted to be in a good condition and to have a nice work to display, going in to compete, not just to participate. We don’t like the idea of fighting without a proper preparation. If a guy arrives with all the money of the world and an Ukrainian armor, but he doesn’t know how to stand on the list, he won’t fight. He has to train and meet his teammates, working hard until he’s in a level where he can enjoy the experience without getting hurt. This is a hazardous sport and we shouldn’t forget that. We took the time to do that. We needed to get armed, but we didn’t really have a great income to easily do that. Then, we decided to invest as much time as it was needed, build a good customized armor for each of us, a well done job that protects you and lets you move perfectly. Because we also have the technique in mind, so there is no point in making an armor that doesn’t let you raise your foot to make a kick the way you were practicing through all the previous year. You don’t want to you lose that kick for a leather strap. The main point was to get consciously ready, not to hide anything. When we finally showed up, we presented an already done work, not recently, but a work done over the past two years.⠀
Now that you finally presented your team. What are your expectations beyond this tournament?⠀ 

We want to keep growing, to get known in Córdoba. By opening our doors, the people is starting to ask more, willing to participate. We want to start our path, because we know we won’t begin and win the first tournament, that only happens in the movies. The idea is to come here, learn, make mistakes, earn experience, and then keep growing and practicing, correcting our mistakes. It’s a never ending loop. We are also looking forward to collaborate and to help the national team, maybe with our own fighters if we are at the required level. It would be something we would really like to achieve.⠀

A thing we don’t like is when there are misunderstandings because of different opinions and they end up slowing down the evolution of this sport. So when we went public, the first idea was to contact most of the club’s representatives and offer them every help we could give them from Córdoba. We want the sport to grow, that’s all, and from now on, to keep adding fighters, to keep participating in more and more tournaments, and some day to be a strong team in Argentina and contribute to the national team.

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