Marina Golovina
TEAM: Tverd

I’m representing a club named Tverd, from the city of Tver, Russia. It’s a small club, but we are proud. My coach, Aleksandr Nadezhdin, also conducts training in Moscow, so I try to deal with practices here and there.

I kept in mind the dream of Battle of the Nations ever since I learned about it. I can’t remember how much effort was necessary to achieve this objective –her bronze medal in women’s triathlon–, I just know that I practiced at every opportunity I had. It was one of those moments that shouldn’t be missed. My whole mind and body were committed and totally involved on training, and that took me to the podium. I’m the third blade of Women’s World now. I’m moved by the euphoria, the desire for new victories, and the desire to prove that it wasn’t an accident.

Do I hope to accomplish greater goals? Of course. It’s a bad soldier who doesn’t dream about becoming a general.

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