Melanie Gras
TEAM: Decima Medieval Fight Club
COUNTRY: Germany

– Why would you choose medieval combat before any other sport?

No other sport I had done before was so intensive, exciting, demanding, and varied. Another reason is that I can join reenactment and sport at the same time.

– What is your best memory of a fight?

After a fight I had lost versus a very good Ukrainian opponent, she came to me and told me that I gave her a great, strong fight.

– What is your next goal to accomplish?

Winning the next tournaments in Luxembourg, Denmark and France, and being able to fight a good Battle of the Nations with my lovely Frauenbuhurtteam next year. We had three fighters for 1vs1 and a bohurt team this year, but I had an injury in my first triathlon fight, and another girl had to drive home because she had some family problems. Martina, our new bohurt girl, was the only German who fought in 3vs3 with team Netherland.

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