Nicolás Di Gaetano
COUNTRY: Argentina

I discovered this sport thanks to a reenactment group I met in Burgo del Sur 2014, and they invited me to a buhurt tournament. I was astonished from the first fight, because I have always liked the medieval theme. As I found this new world, I knew I wanted to be part of it.

I joined CECM as soon as possible and started training. Since the first day I felt really comfortable in the club and they made me part of it. Being part of a team was something new to me, so I was very happy. I made my own armor in no time to start participating in the tournaments. The club supported me and helped me to grow not only in the sport, but also personally. It is a very unified group, that grew into a big family.

I was so amazed with this sport that it became a priority to me. With a great sacrifice, I was able to travel to Battle of the Nations 2015 to fight in Argentina 2. It was a tough campaign, as we were only five men, and even four after Julián Villa got hurt against Italy. It was undoubtedly a great experience, specially the fight against Poland which was loaded of all kind of emotions.

On 2016, I was able to travel again to Battle of the Nations, where not only I fought in bohurt but I could participate in triathlon as Argentina 3. There I realized what things I had to improve, most of all after the fight against Russia 3, in which I got hit in ways that were impossible to avoid, and I learned some new moves. That is an experience I would like to repeat one day if I have the chance.

I got surprised when I participated in Dynamo Cup 2015, by how fast was the development of the fights. There was no time between them and everything was really organized. It was great having the opportunity to participate in a tournament like that, but also exhausting. I wanted to go again, and fortunately I could, as we had the honor to participate in the Dynamo Cup 2016, and I felt I was much better prepared personally. These are barely my first steps and there is a long way to go, but it is always good to know that you are heading in the right direction. All it is left now is to train harder, and hoping to receive a new opportunity for this year.

I won the first place in duel’s category in the Grand Prix. I fought against people I didn´t knew, and it was satisfying to notice how fast the new fighters level up as that makes the sport grow in the country. The final was very tight against Naaman Videla, a great member of our club and an excellent duelist.

In the 11th Valherjes tournament, I participated in the sword and shield category, and as before, I found new fighters with a very good level. The amount of fighters was lower than usual, mainly because they had to choose between categories, but I hope the numbers keep rising every day.

This year I would like to focus on duels. When I began practicing this sport I was interested in that, but then I started training more buhurt. My duel’s achievements are thanks to the fact that in CECM they give us a good variety of tools for every category, but there is no doubt that if you dedicate your training to a certain type of combat style, you will improve it a lot. I notice that in some of our teammates, and I hope I can learn from them. My goals for this 2017 are to defeat the physical and technical requirements of the duels category.

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