José "Pepe" Villani
TEAM: Valherjes
COUNTRY: Argentina

I started training after the first Battle of the Nations Argentina participated. I decided to get in after a family meeting where my girlfriend Martina and my brother Marcos were talking about the sport. Marcos invited her to a Valherjes practice. I went with her and I really liked what I saw, so I started training as well. After that, it just got better and better. The sport keeps growing and it gets better every day.

The best memory? Every single one: the Camaraderie Tournament in Córdoba, doing Profight with Ariel Bohn, the Saturdays making armors with Valherjes, among others.

The open practice Valherjes did last weekend was really good. It was like a softer tournament, perfect for the new ones. It’s the kind of stuff we need to learn more about this sport. There weren’t participants from other clubs. It’s such a shame, because it’s really good to train as a nation. I hope that we never lose the friendship spirit of this sport.


Photography: Valherjes HMB.

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