Sofía Cervera
TEAM: Dragones Atlánticos
COUNTRY: Argentina

How did you know the sport?

I met medieval combat sport thanks to my boyfriend, Federico Fischer. I didn’t understand what it was, mostly because a lack of information. When the club was created, they didn’t tell me much, I only knew they were thinking a name for the team and after that, Federico started training. In 2015, Fede was travelling to Buenos Aires and I decided to join him. I spent the whole journey asking about the decoration and the medieval clothes everybody were supposed to wear.Where I landed was no more and no less than the First Class Cup.

Which were your motivations to start training?

While I was at the First Class Cup, I fell in love with the medieval world. I couldn’t believe that something like that existed and I had never met it before. The artisans, the sport, the teams! I was trying to help in everything I could, but the others were so much better that I realized I had nearly no idea about what to do -laughs-. After that tournament, I traveled again, this time with Fede and Nacho (Ignacio Soncini Montrasi). We went to Grifo Cup in 2016. In that opportunity, Andy (Adriana Di Francesco) lent me a dress and I was able to feel I was part of it. I tried to help the guys with their needs, and I came back to Mar del Plata dreaming with a team as big as the others, with enough squires to help all the fighters. That was my main motivation. I wanted to be a squire, I wanted to help them, I didn’t want for them to depend of people from other teams to assist them. As soon as I came back from the Grifo Cup, I started training. I loved the trainings so much that, fifteen days after that, I decided I wanted to fight. A few days after I became a part of the club, the boys gave me a place with responsibilities, voice and vote. From that moment, I try to give everything of me to make the club grow. Today I see myself saying to the other guys in the club what other girls from other clubs used to say to Fede… “So? When does your girlfriend start training?”.

How did you feel in your first tournament?

I was very nervous. It was physically and mentally hard. Getting into the list by my own is something that still today I see like a challenge. Besides winning or losing, besides being able to fight properly, my nerves always play against me. The anxiety I feel when I have to enter the list alone is something I thought I was never going to overcome. Everytime I do it, is an achievement. That’s why I love duels so much. My first tournament was 2016’s Grand Prix. My club presented new fighters, and there I was. We still had to fight triathlon at that moment, and for the female category we were four girls: Sofía Sueldo and Paula Miauro from CECM, and Sofía Giampietro and me from Dragones Atlánticos. My goal at that moment was to complete a fight, no matter what I could or couldn’t do. Unluckily my first fight was against Sofía Giampietro. I couldn’t believe it, we were two from each club and my fist fight is against my teammate. We had been training with Sofi, and already fought with armor at the beach some time before, I really wanted my first fight to be against someone I didn’t know. I ended my fight with Sofi exhausted, I couldn’t do anything else, and I remember they told me my next fight was against Paula. I didn’t want to fight anymore, to be honest, I couldn’t, I had no energy left, but I stood up and got into the list, because I wanted to fight against someone from another club. I remember I could barely move, I just tried to deflect her hits, and on the first round I received a heavy blow on my hand. When we switched weapons for the second or third round I asked not to remove my gauntlet, as I didn’t want to see my hand. So the third round began. Near the end, I received another hit on my hand, which made me drop my sword. Luckily it was just a hit, and it only left a scar as a reminder from my first tournament. When the fights were over, I felt sad, not for losing, because every tournament is a battle against myself, but for realizing all the training I had ahead, for how difficult everything turned out to be, for how uncomfortable the armor was. Now I left that far away, I feel I can get into the list with any equipment and fight, well or bad, but much more relaxed. I decided to look forward, and exploit all the time and resources I have to improve and challenge myself on the next tournament.

What would you advice to someone with the same fears you had on your first fight?

Do it, no matter what is going through your mind before getting into the list. Once the marshal says “Fight” everything seems to be clear, the fears go away and there is nothing left but you and your opponent. You won’t regret; nothing compares to the satisfaction of achieving your goals, defeating something that was the reason of many fears and uncertainties. Don’t get disappointed if the results are not what you expected; the idea is to overcome yourself tournament after tournament. Leave frustration away, do not let the fear control your actions. If I would have done so, I would still be between the public just watching the fights. Furthermore, we are supposed to like this, that is why we do it. I really enjoy fighting both duels and buhurt, and every fear there was before the fight turns into the will to keep fighting once it is over.

What did it meant to you winning the longsword’s first place at HMB Cup?

To be honest, from a sport view I don’t know how much it means, as I only had one fight. Unfortunately, not many girls fight that category. I wanted to face more fights. So, even when my teammates insist about how much I deserved that place, being the first between two participant is not that meritory -laughs-. However, personally, it meant a lot. That was a combat I feared and looked forward for a long time. I don’t want to get into details, but winning that fight 30 to 4 was something I truly deserved after what I went through over almost a year. I don’t regret entering that category, because I love it. I would have enjoyed fighting against more girls, but as Sofia Giampietro says, “Everything has a reason, it was something meant to happen”. I only had one fight, but for me, it meant everything.

Which would be your greatest dream or goal to achieve?

I usually set little goals. The first time I wanted to resist a full fight, then, to raise my arms high enough to block better. I try to focus on things for the level I think I am through time, and according to the intensity of my training. I try to be realistic. I never thought about winning a fight. The first time was a surprise I couldn’t believe, but it was after several months of heavy training, nothing happens by chance. Obviously, my ultimate dream is to participate in a world championship. Getting into the list at a Battle of the Nations and being able to move decently without having a panic attack would already be a great achievement -laughs-. But, to be honest, I would like the sport to count with enough resources to have a good selection method for fighters, so every girl could participate, no matter if the can or cannot afford the trip. I dream with getting into the National Team that way.

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