This October turned out to be a little bit busy in relation with our sport. The first thing to take into account is the last edition of the Grifo Cup, that took place the last weekend. There, we enjoyed two days of combats under IMCF regulations, with the involvement of different clubs from Buenos Aires and Córdoba. You can find the results in our Facebook page.

Instante de una de las peleas masculinas en la última Copa Grifo.

A few hours ahead, the 2nd Medieval Combat Tournament of Mendoza will be about to begin. It’ll be held in our so famous Cuyo region, at ‘La Casa de Rick’, a very well known culture center from Mendoza. This tournament is organized by Guardianes del Oeste, whose captain, Miguel García, told us about its development: “This is the second tournament we organize at Mendoza, but the first one surrounded by a medieval fair. Very few events are held here, so each of them is really important to get the people to know the sport”.

Escena de los combates femeninos de la Copa Grifo del pasado fin de semana.

Besides the organizing club, in this edition will compete CECM, Draconem Clan, Guardia del Bastión, Orden del Fuego, Quirquincho and some teams from Chile. Facundo Camilo Lopez, CECM’s captain, said that “there is no doubt the tournaments inside the country are really necessary to improve and include new people to the sport”. And about this tournament he added that:

“Last year we had the chance to go to Mendoza and participate in their first tournament, where we could feel the camaraderie, and the fighting level was also really good. I know the people from Guardianes del Oeste are really committed. They love the sport and try to improve by doing the things the right way, so I trust this tournament will be well organized and will show a great level.”

CECM will present duelists in both male and female categories, as usual: Facundo Lopez itself and Paula Miauro. Besides, Lopez will fight in a coalition for buhurt fights, what he defined as “something fun in some ways; it allows to explore new things, but at the same time it creates certain insecurities as you don’t have the same companions as always”. However, their greatest expectation is in duels: “we consider that CECM trains specifically for it, and even if our opponents will have a great strength, we always try to win a place in the podium”.

Facundo Lopez compitiendo contra Ezequiel Farjat, de Draconem Clan, en la categoría Espada y Escudo.

On the other hand, Ezequiel Cavallin, captain of Draconem Clan, told us enthusiastic that his club will present two duellist in every male category, some debutants between them, and a full buhurt team. He also shared with us what does this tournament represents for his team: “The idea is to finish this year, trying to compete the best that we can, giving everything in each combat and representing our team properly. We had a lot of bitter pills this year, but it was useful for having a more objective vision of where we are standing. We have a lot of things to correct and we want to close this year with a good and motivational experience”.

Today is the first day of International Tournament of Chivalry, at Illinois, USA. This year, IToC is celebrating its third edition and it is also the first tournament to be included in HMBIA’s Buhurt League program.

There will be duels and mass battles, with fighters from all over the world. Between those fighters will be Marcos Villani, captain of Valherjes club, who will join mexican fighters from ACM as mercenary. In addition, Valeria Wainer and Roxana Ruiz de Miauro, from Argentina, will be marshals during the tournament, accompanied by Eduardo Miauro as marshal trainee.

Momento de combate en el IToC II. Fotografía: Marta Berczynska.

Sam Awry, fighter from Company of the Iron Phoenix, told us why this tournament is so important for the americans: “It is the first national qualifier for Battle of the Nations, so whichever 5vs5 team wins IToC is USA 1, 2 or 3. So, I hope Iron Phoenix wins, then we are guaranteed a slot”.

But beyond its importance as USA qualifiers, he told us other details that make IToC one of the best tournaments of the region: “It’s just a really fun tournament. It’s one of the biggest ones in the US, and it usually has the most international teams of any American tournament. It’s awesome, particularly when the really good teams from eastern Europe come here and we get to fight them without the long flight.”

Sam Awry compitiendo en el IToC II. Fotografía: Marta Berczynska.

And as if it were not enough, ‘Torneo Medieval de Calaveras 2017’ will be held on October 28 and 29, at Aguascalientes, Mexico. As in IToC, there will be a strong international participation, including Marcos Villani as a fighter and Valeria Wainer as marshal.

It is more than heartening to publish news like this one, where you can see how the sport is growing globally, not just because of the many tournaments that are being held around the world, but also because of the participation in each of them of several attendees from other countries, always putting in first place the camaraderie and the will to live unique experiences with our companions.

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