A little more than two years ago, took place the first great medieval combat tournament organized by HMB Argentina in San Isidro’s Racecourse; the First Class Cup. On that occasion and for the first time in history, Argentina welcomed Bear Paw, a team from the Bern club, internationally known as one of the best in the world. For many of the participants and spectators of this sport, this was the opportunity to test the level of the local competitors with the devastating power of Russian fighters.

Members of Bear Paw, from Bern, posing for the cameras at the First Class. Photo: Esteban Balvorin.

After the Grand Prix, which was held in 2016 and was disadvantaged by the location and the weather, the announce of a new edition at the racecourse renewed the hope of witnessing a spectacular event. Therefore, in September 23 and 24, the magnificent venue will open its doors once again to the medieval community to enjoy the HMB Argentina Cup.

Argentine duellists facing each other at First Class 2015. Photo: Luz Makarieva.

Fighters from Argentina and Latin America won’t be the only ones participating in this tournament, as one of the world’s best duellist, Sergei Ukolov will be also fighting. Apart from that, he will also be giving a seminar on basic concepts related with medieval combat specific training. Here we share what he told to Crónicas Bohurteras about his plans for the seminar:

“The objective of the seminar is to teach fencing techniques according to HMB rules, workout planning methods and so on. My main expectation is that my seminar gives fencers from Argentina a new level of comprehension of the subject.”

Sergei Ukolov fighting at Battle of the Nations 2017. Photo: Julia Bellalavanda Trostina. 

For all those interested in being the authority inside the lists, during the tournament there will be a marshal’s summit, imparted by Georgy Yurchak, giving the attendants the opportunity of being officially recognized by HMBIA.

The anxiety grows as the date arrives, since this is clearly a tournament that will imprint unforgettable scenes in our memory.

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