In this sport there are a few tournament names that come to reader’s minds when they think about great competitions. One of those is IMCF World Championship, the International Medieval Combat Federation’s world cup and one of the most expected events of the year.

IMCF World Championship 2015 fight at Malbork, Poland. Photography: Sissela.

The fourth edition of this tournament will be taking place one week from now. It is known that one of its most outstanding characteristics are the locations they choose year after year, and this one will not be the exception, as it will be held at Spøttrup Borg Castle, in Denmark’s northwest region.

Spøttrup Borg, the place where the IMCF World Championship 2017 will take place.

More than twenty five countries will confront each other in several categories. Between the group categories we will enjoy the men’s 5vs5, 10vs10 and 16vs16 fights, as well as women’s 3vs3 combats. On the other side, both men and women will compete in sword and shield, longsword and polearm duels. But these are not the only fights that will delight the public, as there will also be “All vs All” and “Old World vs New World” combats, which give great camaraderie experiences to the fighters.

IMCF World Championship 2015 melee fight at Malbork, Poland. Photography: Sissela.

As expected, such a tournament cannot be described only with words; that’s why we share here the excellent trailer performed by Cintia Aspiroz, an Argentinian fighter from Jakabol club.

From May 25th to 28th, do not miss the chance to see once again the fighters from all over the world face each other to achieve the so desired glory.


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