As every year since 2015, Santiago de Chile travels in time to celebrate a new edition of “Rugir de Dragones” Championship. It will take place this weekend at Estado de Michigan school, located at 101 José Francisco Vergara Street, Quilicura. At the event, fighters from several teams will face each other in group categories as well as in duels, following the HMB rules and regulations.

“It began as a very small tournament, the first time, back in 2015, there were only eight duelists, four armors and two helmets”, comments Christian Andrés Toro Berríos, captain of Batallón Draconia and one of the organizers of the tournament. Year after year, this event marks the growth of the sport in the Chilean territory, and currently has almost ten clubs registered.

Scenes from the tournament in 2016, with the participation of Argentina. Photo: Yanira Herrera Sura.

Of course, throughout its history it also counted with international participation, such as, for example, Argentine fighters who participated in 2016, which was also the first edition that included the men’s buhurt category.

This year, the competition takes a meaningful step forward by being the first competitive event in Chile to be validated by the Buhurt League under Buhurt Challenger category. This undoubtedly increases the international relevance of the tournament and allows the fighters and clubs to play a bigger role. However, it is not the only innovation in the hands of the Chilean fighters, as this time we will also be able to fully enjoy women’s categories, both duels and buhurt, as it will have a record-breaking number of female fighters for Chile.

Some of the members of Batallón Draconia. Photo: Loca del Bosque.

Christian tells us a little about the evolution of the women’s category, especially in his club: “Karla was the only active fighter of Batallón Draconia, but now thanks to an initiative of exclusive trainings for women we started, we have seven more girls who are actively training and will fight for the first time in this tournament”.

So this weekend, both on Saturday and Sunday, the enclosure will open its doors at 10 am, allowing to the preparation of the competitors, who will begin to cross their weapons at 1 pm.

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